Friday, January 15, 2010

A National Shame

What's more important - filling one's stomach or national pride?

It's appalling to expect the Indian national hockey team to play on empty stomachs.

I was shocked to hear that our players had not been payed for months and months together.

And then when our sports officials shamelessly blurt out that players should play for national pride, they should be slapped right in their faces and sacked immediately.

Are such statements right?

It is a national shame that players who bring true glory to the country are treated worse than labourers.

This comes from a country where members of parliament and ministers get free air travel for their entire entourage, where the wife of the Chief Justice of India demands a daily allowance for overseas travel.

The money that ought to be productively used to train athletes is being squandered away.

This is certainly a National Shame!!!!

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