Saturday, May 15, 2010

India Deserves An Apology

In March 2010, I had written about the Shenanigans of our Stars.
While the blog post was about movie stars, I did make a reference to cricket and the that our much-loved players don't give a damn.
The IPL was underway then.

We soon had the entire nation hooked on to the Modi-Tharoor spat. The nation was salivating over the salacious gossip doing the rounds.
Chennai Super Kings won the IPL. Just as the nation was getting with its work, the T-20 World Cup happened at West Indies.
And our Men in Blue faced the ignominy of an early exit from the World Cup. I am told the post-IPL parties were to blame for the debacle.
God knows what else happened in those parties.
Did the Men in Blue ever give a thought to the emotions of a billion Indian fans sitting at home, glued to their televisions?
Do they even have an iota of respect for the normal Indian fan, who would do anything to watch a match?
Do they ever think of the office goers who remain glued to the Net for the latest score, neglecting work?
(It would be interesting if an economist could calculate the loss to India's GDP because of our cricket obsession.)
Perhaps not. They seem more interested in money, exercising their testosterones and chasing the skirts of starlets. There is hardly any dedication to the game. And zero respect for their fans, who would do anything for the Men in Blue at the drop of a hat.
We deserve an apology. The nation deserves an apology for their ignominious conduct.

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