Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Are the Berries Bitter?

Berries are sweet, so are the Blackberries!The Blackberry has been around in India since 2004 and they have evolved into ubiquitous business tools - let's call that democratisation of technology.

In 2008, India first raised security concerns on the encryption technology used by Research In Motion (RIM), Blackberry's manufacturer.

The concern was on whether security agencies would be able to monitor communication on Blackberries, which is encrypted and routed through Blackberry servers in Canada and the United Kingdom, making monitoring ineffective.

Somehow, RIM squeezed itself out of the tight spot it found itself in.

Then the 26/11 attacks happened in Bombay. It was reported that the Pakistani attackers used Thuraya satellite phones alongwith Blackberries.

While our sleuths tracked down the sat phone communication, it appears they achieved little success with Blackberries. Again, the same concerns have been raised by the security agencies.Just as India was cracking down on RIM, it was reported that RIM maintains servers within the United States, to allay homeland security concerns. China too allowed Blackberries in only after a server was installed in Beijing.

Now the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are cracking down on RIM. Prudish Pakistan too wanted to block blasphemous content on Blackberries!!!

Some Indians have been voicing concerns on the intrusion into privacy, on sleuths snooping on private communications. But these are same very people who cry hoarse when a 26/11 happens.

We, in India, have a choice - do we allow unhindered privacy (which could have the unintended consequence of aiding terror) or we give up a bit of our liberty in the interest of national security.

I would happily accept the second option, for Blackberries can be bitter if there is another 26/11.

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