Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Evening at Colaba Causeway....

Great cities are melting pots - of people, cultures, cuisines. In this megapolis, Bombay, Colaba Causeway is truly an indicator of what the city had been - a true melting pot!

Proximity to the Sassoon Docks gets Colaba Causeway a good mix of races - whites, Jews, Arabs, Orientals, of varying backgrounds - sailors, tourists, hippies, businessmen, traders and prostitutes.

A lot of these people, are probably in the country for the first time, eager to experience India and what it hasd to offer. That gives enterprising locals a lot of business opportunities - some genuine and some on the seamier side.

We have cloned "I Love NY" tee-shirts here. "Om" and vedic chants on tee-shirts are other popular themes for the street-side vendors...

The glitter, the colour, of these bangles bowl the belles over, irrespective of background and ethnicity!

While Neeti was haggling around for her "good" deal on trinkets and faux jewelry, I was trigger happy with her camera phone.... and these ornaments just had to be shot!

I swear, women, of all ages, can spend hours beating away their blues, with this kind of "retail therapy"

Cafe Mondegar, or Mondys, as we in Bombay, call it, is a landmark of sorts - it tansforms into a smoke-filled cafe by evening, where office-goers and tourists chill with a beer and a bite or two!!!!
Mario Miranda's artwork on the walls, make the place all the more special! The busty Miss Fonseca and Miss Nimbupani remind of the old times!!!

Reminds me of Imelda Marcos!!!

Mariners' clocks - reminiscent of the old days!

This family managed to finally strike a hard bargain with this vendor - all after an effort of 15 minutes!

Leopold Cafe - a pretty average but snooty place - its fame courtesy, Lonely Planet!
This where the barbaric Pakistanis struck first on November 26, 2008!

Do I look good in these shades?"

Bombayites are openly scornful of Delhi, but have no qualms crowding up at Delhi Darbar!!!

Said to be an iconic institution - that's where I had my first bheja fry! Pretty average, though anything would taste palatable after a 45 minute wait in the aromas wafting in the sea breeze!

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My Unfinished Life said...

thanks for showing a slice of mumbai!!


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