Friday, July 29, 2011

The Femme Fatale Came Calling!

"A femme fatale is a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly archetype of literature and art. Her ability to entrance and hypnotize her victim with a spell .... seen as being literally supernatural...having a power akin to an enchantress, vampire, witch, or demon.....phrase is French for "deadly woman"..... tries to achieve her hidden purpose by using feminine wiles such as beauty, charm, and sexual allure."
(Source: Wikipedia)

Just as we in Bombay were kind of coming to terms with the volley of attacks orchestrated by our ridiculous neighbour, the Femme Fetale, Hina Rabbani Khar, came calling on India.
Now that is quite hard sounding name for a particularly svelte lady. The name rather sounds like a battery of nuclear tipped missiles imported by Pakistan from North Korea, clandestinely, and passed off as their own.
But quite frankly, the Rabbani lady was quite a missile that the Pakistani government had unleashed upon India! And it worked - the naive Indian media was simply swooning over her, her looks, her locks, her pearls, her shades, her Birkins and what not - I would not tread any further on that!
We forgot, simply forgot, about our blood that these bloodsuckers had sucked over the years and more recently two weeks back! We forgot about our vows to put to justice, the perpetrators of terror that Rabbani Khar's country shelters!
It is indeed ironic that a country which goes about begging for sustenance has a foreign minister who shamelessly carries around Hermès Birkins of over USD 10,000 and pays just 7000 units of taxes in the worthless Pakistani currency.
But what does that Khar lady seek to achieve in India? Get our geriatrics go weak in their pants, while thousands of Mukhtar Mais are gangraped in her own country?
Principally there is no point in talking to Pakistan, more so when we have such pathetic distractions for our media!
I quite liked the idea that someone on Twitter had - the only way to counter the Khar lady is to have Emran Hashmi as our foreign minister! (Emran is the serial kisser of Bollywood!)
But I have even more interesting scenarios - keep guessing what wold happen if Hina were to visit Berlosconi's Italy? Or for that matter meet Bill Clinton in a blue dress, just like Monica Lewinsky! Wonder how her countrymen would react to all this? How many fatwas would she unleash?
But for now, its "Mission Accomplished" in India, in classic Femme Fatale style! We have coolly forgotten about all this pain this blood sucking mosquito of a country has inflicted upon us and have been distracted by her! Such a stupor can be fatal for us!

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