Saturday, October 1, 2011

Up In The Air .... Part 3

The hangover's still there, the hangover of visiting Ladakh back in August earlier this year. This post reflects that hangover, it simply relives the beauty of the grand Himalayan range from up in the air.
The first view of the sun rise, snow clad mountains basking in the golden burst of dawn and first sight of the mighty peaks were captured forever by our lenses and still continue to mesmerise me and make me speechless....

It was soon time to head back home to the grime, sweat and hypertension that a four hour commute, mindlessness of city life and work-stress. As we looked down at the bounties of nature and captured the enduring memories, I thought to myself, "Is this mindlessness worth it afterall?"
"Will I ever die with a sense of contentment that I have lived, I have seen, I have experienced the world?"
"How much is enough?"
These questions bugged me as we flew back from Ladakh, and they still do!
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