Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sinning With Churros!

After returning from China, where I had my first Churros at Beijing's Nanluogouxiang Hutong, I was in love with the crispy, chewy straight doughnut. And then today, I finally found the Spanish delight, Churros in the heart of my city.
As we headed to Lokhandwala for the weekly chore of shopping groceries, when I saw an outlet of Chocolateria San Churro, an Australian chain of sinful, delightful chocolates, right next to where Fame Adlabs used to be, I knew I had found my salvation!

The menu was quickly scanned and I waited with bated breath!

Ahhh! Finally my Churros came, with a bowl dark chocolate....

That's what happened next - the Churros just vanished!

If chocolates are sinful, I would love to sin every day!!!

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