Thursday, July 18, 2013

The End Of Yet Another Southern Sojourn....

The latest Southern sojourn did come to an end after some bitter-sweet moments, some of which were captured by me!

An autowallah has an afternoon siesta on Dindigul Road, Trichy.....

The flaming red gulmohurs, the blue sky and the blue sky make for an enchanting sight.....

As we drove along NH45B, the smooth National Highway connecting Trichy and Madurai, clouds set in.....

A fiery sunset, at Trichy Airport...

The brass horse welcomes me to Chennai!

I don't know about the brilliance of Hyundai, but Chennai is awesomely brilliant! Lovely food!

And the brilliance of SriKrishna Sweets!

And the brilliance of the swanky new terminal!

And up in the air, the next evening, Nature was painting masterpieces with the warm glow of twilight and dark Monsoon clouds!

What a magical end to yet another Southern sojourn!

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