Saturday, January 23, 2016

It Happens Only In Korea... Part I

Over the last few incredible months over here, I have realised how similar the Koreans are to us - most of them are indeed nice people. They are simple and fun loving people with aspirations similar to what we have.
Wherever I have been in Korea, I have experienced quite a lot of warmth from the people around. Even in the workplace, the locals did do a lot to help me adjust. That has made me respect the Koreans a lot!
One can only respect the ingenuity and the hard work of the Koreans - despite not knowing English, they did grab a huge share of consumer electronics market the world over and their products are good. Also Korean construction companies have quite a great reputation for themselves around the world.
But there are moments that are quite entertaining and funny. And these moments add a bit of spice to life. As we used to say in India, we end up saying the same here in Korea as well - "It Happens Only In Korea!"

Korea is renowned for its cosmetics and this shop in Myeongdong has a cosmetic line called "Modi". Well, every Indian would have smiled seeing this...

OK Bank! If we can have a Yes Bank in India, it's okay to have an OK Bank in Korea!

The boyfriend does the girl's hair at Paju! Men here are so protective of their girlfriends as though they were little babies...

Namaste India - a manhole cover in Itaewon...

A wonderful way to encourage the use of stairs...

"Choo Choo Pie", a bakery at Bupeyong Station - well the logo seems to depict a steaming piece of turd... arghhhh!

"There is a big difference between living and being alive. Things are never happened what is not not prepared before"
If you keep the grammar aside, this display outside a store in Myeongdong conveys a meaningful message about life...

Salman Khan wake up, there is a Dabang app here!

"English available" - is English on sale here? Or are they saying they can speak English?

Plastic surgery is a big craze here - this advertisement in a metro promotes cosmetic surgery. Very often you come across deals such as pay for one Lasik and get the second one free. There is immense pressure to look good here and CVs are incomplete without photographs... As we say It Happens Only In Korea!

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