Friday, February 5, 2016

Yay! Headed Back Home!

Yay! That day has come when I am finally headed back home to Mumbai and Delhi.
Days after Neeti left for India and an exruciating schedule, the day I was longing for finally arrived. It is exactly been 5 months since we moved to Korea and that homesick feeling had reached a crescendo before we started to feel settled here.
And yay! Now I head back home for a few days, with the Lunar New Year break coming in handy.
And so I left Songdo on a freezing but sunny noon to head to Incheon Airport. Checkin was smooth but then there was a gruelling long line for the security check and immigration before I got time to have a quick light lunch at the Paris Baguette outlet.

My lunch - a crab sandwich, a yummy egg-tart and an Americano!

Pororo at the airport - this is Korea's homegrown cartoon character that is a major export...

And then it was time for an hour of Plane Spotting, criss-crossing the remote concourse and that was a worthwhile exercise in itself.

And then I armed myself with a series of newspapers for my inflight entertainment while boarding, yay, I am set to go!

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