Monday, September 22, 2008

I love my 'nimbu paani' ...

Three eventful years of marriage - can't imagine how time flies... and the best part is that I am for sure looking forward to what lies ahead.

But there are times when one gets so pissed off... so irritated... so angry that patience seems to run out. But that's the key - the hard part- keeping the patience. How to do it? There is no formula - it just happens. One just learns it.

Marriage just grows over you - one learns to appreciate, or at least tries to appreciate things that had not figured in one's scheme of things. The most most mundane example here is that before I got hitched with Neeti, I could barely stand Shahrukh Khan. I used to jokingly call his antics like those of an untamed simian. However, after marriage, I was bombarded with Kuch Kuch Hota Hais and Shahrukh and all that. After three years, I have developed an 'understanding' of why he is the way he is!!!! It works the other way round too - Neeti, can now sit through a part of the gory gluttony Bourdain show!

Teamwork is what marriage is all about - navigating our way through the ocean is what marriage is like. One finds a way to develop that understanding - trusting each other's instincts, blindly, at times. This doesn't happen immediately. It takes time, but it happens. And each couple has their own way of developing this sense of navigation!

To sum it all - I have always said that marriage is like cool icy fresh lime (nimbu paani) - a little sweet, a little sour, but can there be anything more refreshing than a glass of cool icy fresh lime on a hot summer day?

I love my fresh lime .... I guess you know what I mean!

1 comment:

Meenakshi said...

Rajeev,i fully agree with you.Marriage is taking care of each other and their loved ones and at th same gluing th relationship with ur loved one on both sides.Standing by each other,accepting th criticism 2 improving ourseleves.Love,Ma and Pa.

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