Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Dream Cabinet

With the UPA firmly in a position to form a new government, I would hope they decisively push forward an agenda for a radical change in the way this nation is governed.

The choice of Cabinet ministers will be key to this. My dream cabinet would be as follows:

  1. External Affairs - Mr. Shashi Tharoor - well recognised in circles of diplomacy the world over. Articulate and suave face of India. Ex-UN insider - could push for India's bid for permanent membership of the Security Council

  2. Defence Ministry - General V.P. Malik - yes, he can be made the minister despite not being a politician. Afterall, when in 1991, Dr. Manmohan Singh was made the Finance Minister, he was nowhere close to politics and wasn't even a Congress Party member. General Malik is fine military strategist, led the Indian Army to success despite odds in the Kargil war. He knows what conflict is - General Malik is the only Army chief with artificial limbs after getting injured in combat, during the Tangail Airdrop, in the 1971 war. A fine soldier like him is required to overhaul and modernise our forces

  3. Finance Ministry - Montek Singh Ahluwalia - he has the required experience and is clued in. Knows what is required today and has a rapport with the Prime Minister

  4. Home Ministry - P. Chidambaram - he should stay on for the sake of continuity, in the course adopted post 26/11. The agenda now is building our second line of defence and internal security. A crackdown on the Naxalites should top his agenda.

  5. Education and Infrastructure - Pranab Mukherjee - a senior statesman would be required to push for education reforms. Also having handled the finance portfolio, he would appreciate the importance of infrastructure (a new ministry I propose) in building our economy.

  6. Communications and Technology - Rahul Gandhi / Jyotiraditya Scindia / Sachin Pilot or someone else from the young brigade - we need to build an e-nation and only the young can do it.

The Congress lost the opportunity the decisive mandate of 1985 elections gave them. I hope this time they make it possible to move full steam ahead. I feel this dream cabinet can make it happen.


Pegasus said...

I did go through the list... you could make it more comprehensive....Gen Malik though is a wrong choice...a terrible strategist...he has no sense of a long term vision. absolutely subservient and an Ambani stooge at present.Antony is the logical choice... personally very clean yetl would look at the other way when the need arises to fill in the party coffers.As a party loyalist and a pro-establishment man... he would retain his job.

Agreed,Arjun Singh is way out of favour...But Pranab da is way too senior to waste him on such a pitiable Ministry.. Shashi Tharoor may be made Min for State under Pranab da... He has to be given one of the Fab keep him interested and relevant. He would be an excellent coach to Rahul in real politik.

Capt. Anup Murthy said...

Hi Rajeev, thanks for the comment on my blog. I am happy, like most other people I guess, that Indian electorate has given a better mandate this time and they are not saddled by parties pulling left and right! Good choices available out there this time for cabinet posts and I do hope they pick people who can actually make a difference.

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