Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Next Step

Looking back at the last few years of my life, I am getting increasingly convinced of what a lot of people around me had been telling me.
Nothing in life ever has an enduring permanence. I have had quite a few failures and a few successes in life. On failing, I have so often felt that failure has brought me to the end of the world, and that heavens had fallen. But slowly life creeped in and I looked at the possibilities around, trying to make the best out of the worst. Gradually, things changed for the better, leading to the next success. What a waste is all that worry and depression? It only slows down the process of recovery making the journey a lot more painful and drains the energy levels. Yet it becomes so hard to realize all that when one is in that situation.
The other side of the story is that during periods of success, one doesn't even contemplate failure. But that's the way we like it. Rather, we should be preparing ourselves to face the worst, when we are enjoying the ecstasy of success.
In all this, it helps if we realize that nothing in life is permanent. Things change, scenarios change, environments change. Only we don't. We have had successes in the past and we will in the future.
Don't we worry too much about tomorrow that we forget to live today? We all know that the ultimate truth in life is death, but that doesn't stop us from breathing, does it? So why worry our guts out about what tomorrow will bring. Live the day, make the most of today, make it a success. Surely, if we were to start doing that, we would certainly start the next day on a high note, which becomes the stepping stone for the next success.
In everything one does, there is certainly a Superior Power guiding us, a hand to guide you to the next step. I have felt that more than once in life, when one success follows another, when I beat the expectations that I had of myself. Yet we fail to see the Hand when we are successful and we yearn for it when we fail. The Superior Power, the Hand could be one's faith, something one calls God. Why shouldn't we thank the Hand for being with us at each step, when we are successful? Such gratitude does help in keeping the focus, that life is, by and large, good and interesting.
So often, we all crib about the pathetic people we have to deal with each day, the unkind, mean, abrasive attitudes. Yet for hundreds of such people we meet aren't there a handful of people who make our life worth living? In all our complaints about the nasty guys, we fail to reinforce the positivity we get from these nice guys. Shouldn't we cut out the crap from the nasty guys? Perhaps, the best way to do it is to assume that such guys merely exist in today, but matter in the long run, because what matters tomorrow is the positivity radiating from being around a few nice guys.
I have made all these mistakes at different points in life. Yet each time someone in life guided me to the positives, the other side that I failed to look at, which according to me, at that point of time, didn't make any sense. Thankfully, I was wrong each time, I am happy to admit this. I believe everyone goes through these moments.
Let's accept it, no matter what life brings us, it remains the most valuable possession we have. And we get from life what we give it. So if we look at life with hope, patience and gratitude, we will get a lot of peace and calm, which is required for the Next Step.

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