Sunday, September 27, 2009

Remembering Ammi....

Today, September 27, is Ammi's birthday.

My grandmother, Ammi, we used to call her affectionately.

It's been 5 years since she left us, creating a void in our lives.

Despite her age, or rather with age, she became fuller with life and had an incredible way of lightening up the atmosphere with the people she was close to. She had a certain charm, a pleasing personality that was matchless. Her endeearing toothless grin and loving looks will always remain etched in my mind.

The death of grandparents is an overwhelming experience, for me, Ammi's death was such an experience.

Surely, the attachment factor was at work. But also one gets the realisation that now one's own parents are getting old - surprisingly one does not feel that one's parents are ageing when grandparents are around. And one realises that one has to be more responsible and mature faster.

But I have one wish, which I know cannot be fulfilled.

To meet Ammi again!

But she is up there somewhere, watching us lovingly, blessing us....

1 comment:

Neelima said...

I also miss her a lot... She was a sweetheart...

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