Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alibis, excuses all the way......

When I started Rajeev's World, I had promised to be quite regular.... regular in putting my thoughts online.

I had been quite regular over the last 15-odd months in blogging here. And there had been times, when ideas just flowed like a gushing mountain stream, right into Rajeev's World. And there were also times when I really did really push myself to pen my thoughts, when the ideas slowed down, just as what happens when the mountain stream enters the plains and decelerates a great deal.

However, this time stream hasn't slowed a bit, the thoughts and the ideas are gushing at the speed of light. But the blog posts have...

Who's to blame for this?

Sad, but true, logistics and infrastructure can indeed impede thought. This may be termed an excuse, but seriously I really could not push myself to write.

Now look at this.... in the last 10-odd days, I have barely got a couple of hours at home. There had been a mad rush to get things done at work, meet certain critical social commitments, etc. etc.

Isn't that always there?

True. But the killing commute to work and back (bad Bombay traffic again!) seems to have chomped on MY time, BIG TIME!

And then, our home PC's UPS has been down for the last few days. I wouldn't dare using my PC without the UPS. Frantic calls to customer service initially and now angry calls haven't yet yield any results. I am still waiting for my patience to run out before APC's CEO gets an angry email from me. And then, we'll see APC's service engineer scurrying in to repair my UPS.

(But seriously, customer service in India doesn't suck, it stinks awfully, be it APC, Dell, Hathway, Tata Communications, Airtel, Reliance Communications, Maruti Suzuki, Citibank, Standard Chartered, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Taj Hotels, Jet Airways, etc. etc. Trust me the list is endless.....)

Till APC responds, there will be alibis, excuses all the way......

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