Friday, October 9, 2009

When did I last see the stars?

Travelling out of Bombay for work, at times, is quite an experience.

Not only does travel give me an opportunity get out of the grind, the rush, the endless frustrating traffic jams on the Western Express Highway, the bad roads, etc. etc., it also thrills me, re-energises me from within.

The pain of getting up early at say 4AM to leave in time is all but gone, when I drive through the scenic countryside roads, see the varied hues of green in the vegetation, see the relaxed pace of life, the smiling faces that are a rarity in Bombay.

Today was one such day.

By the time I got over with work and meetings, the sun had set. Just as night was creeping in, pin drop silence took over the place, which was punctuated with sounds of crickets, which in itself had therapeutic effect.

The cool breeze beckoned me to take a stroll. And as I was walking, I looked up into the sky..... all the stars that bewitched me as a child were still there..... !!!!!

Somewhere in the grind, I actually did forget that these little joys were once a part of my life.... and I asked myself "When did I last see the stars?"

Try answering the question for yourself.....


Anonymus said...

Great stuff man. I like the way you express

தென்னவன் said...

The issue is if all states developed properly then bombay, delhi, chennai would have retained their charm. Unfortunately only these 4 cities showed development . Now banaglore is showing development bu only in IT. So all outsiders have come and ruined the cities. I think the hindi, bengalis, people should develop their states and stay in their states. Then Mumbai will get is charm back

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