Monday, February 8, 2010

香港 - Images from the Fragrant Harbour - Part 2

Be careful, that's the Smuggler's Inn!

Is that Hong Kong? Yes, that's Stanley .... a part of the city, yet so idyllic!

Flags of the Swire Group, Hong Kong and People's Republic of China flutter in the breeze. wow, what a sight!

Saturday night? No, it's Thursday and seems that the weekend is here already!

Would you buy stuff from the Pink Pussy Cat?

The hangover of 1997? (1997 was when Britain handed over Hong Kong back to China)

Interesting lighting at the Coach!

Fluttering prayer flags ensure my prayers go to God!

Ohhh, not again! They missed out the Taj Mahal.

Zip, zap, zoom.......

Will we ever enforce all this in India?

The Airport Express brings me to Hong Kong!

Kids are the same everywhere, chirpy and playful!

If there's tea, can I be far behind?

An enduring symbol of Hong Kong, the Golden Bauhinia!

The Beetle hitches a ride!

When you meet an old friend, you become oblivious to the world around you!

At the Central, Filipino maids socialise.... Man, what a cacophony!

A view from the 27th floor...

Crossing Tsing Yi on the Airport Express

Ask any spotter and he'll recognise the Control Tower. It's Chep Lep Kok, stupid!

There's a certain charm and energy about Asian festivals, as these Chinese lanterns signify....

Tradition meets modernity - lanterns at Times Square...

A woman's paradise .... ubiquitous Chow Tai Fook jewellery stores can literally empty your wallet

An amazing view of the Fragrant Harbour from Kowloon...

Now that's the way we dry clothes in Bombay, isn't it?

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