Sunday, February 7, 2010

香港 - Images from the Fragrant Harbour

What a view of the Fragrant Harbour!!!

"One Country, Two Systems", but for how long?

"How much?"

"Tennn Dolllaaa"

If Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is here, Forrest Gump should be close by....

We lost the trams in Bombay and Delhi. They are in shambles in Calcutta. But here, they live on....

You pray, I pray to the One God, Almighty....

I can't help rubbing my eyes, that's Neeti surfing in Chinese?

Mmmm, that sounds like New Delhi. Now that's why I feel home in Hong Kong.

One of the Grand Old Ladies of Asia, The Peninsula Hong Kong makes all Asians feel proud, just like our own Taj Mahal Hotel of Bombay

Hong Kong's version of "Rapidex English Speaking Course"?

Is it an alien spaceship?

The Time at Times Square

Lucky dog! He gets a massage....

恭喜发财 -- Kung Hei Fat Choy - welcoming the Year of the Tiger

Ohhh, Love sells?

Is that Janpath?

Falling in love all over again.... with the view...

... and Read on at Your Own Risk!

Deadly street food at Ada, Wan Chai - Jaanleva Ada, Katilana Ada!!!!

O Giant Buddha, shower your blessings on me and all....

Chep Lap Kok, a spotter's paradise!

Architect I.M. Pei's labour of love, the Bank of China Tower, pierces the clouds....

The Symphony of Lights is quite a spectacle...


Neelima said...

Nice pictures... All too familiar :-)

Rajeev said...

i know. that day neeti & i saw your pics too. they were the same places we visited.

Sivakumar Surampudi said...

Lovely pics Rajeev. Smart descriptions too. We lived in Hong Kong for a few months in 1991. All these are very nostalgic :-)

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