Sunday, March 21, 2010

Greed is Good...

Greed is Good....
If you think that Gordon Gekko had said that way back in the 1987 movie, Wall Street, well, yes. But the same philosophy has been followed at home by our dear Behenji Mayawati.

The garland made of Rs. 1000 notes has left people speculating how much it was actually worth. A few crores? A few lakhs?

Where did the money come from? Where did it go?
A very "learned" JNU professor on Vikram Chandra's show "The Big Fight" disputed that the garland was made of notes.

Another guest on the show complained that it was the English media which was all out to malign her.
Her shenanigans have inspired a round of raw, pithy satire and poetic creativity on Twitter and Facebook, which was indeed enjoyable.

But was the Rs. 200 crore spent on the rally of the masses worth it?
That money could have been used for, say, setting up a school, a polytechnic, a college, clinic, etc for her so called constituency, the Dalits.
Mayawati has other members in the "Greed is Good" club. Why else would India have the dubious distinction of topping deposits in Swiss bank accounts. I came across two sources on the Net which referred to Swiss Banking Association reports of 2006 and 2008 which talk of deposits from India exceeding US$ 1.5 trillion, now that's an obscenely, astounding Rs. 65,25,000 crore.

This kind of money could not have gone out to Switzerland without political patronage.

Bottomline, all politicians here are greedy, but Mayawati has taken that greed to a new level. She is shouting out that "Greed is Good...."

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