Saturday, March 6, 2010

One Question for Mr. Hussain....

What a ruckus has MF Hussain's acceptance of Qatari citizenship created..... !!!!

It is undoubtedly true that we failed to provide to provide him the necessary security. It is also true that while he was hounded by hordes, the lawmakers and intelligentsia had kept quiet. So why the hullabaloo on TV now? For TRPs?

Isn't it true that an artist has a right to express? Ancient Indian artists expressed themselves and created wonder like Khajuraho, Ajanta Ellora, etc.

So has Mr. Hussain.

But freedom has limits, and each individual (artists included) need realise that, before they cross the rubicon.

MF Hussain may have crossed the rubicon ..... I am not sure.

But I only have one question for Mr. Hussain.

Won't the Qataris throw him into the Persian Gulf if he artistically painted local historical or religious figures in a certain light?
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