Monday, March 26, 2012

Be Safe!

Last Sunday, at about noon, Neeti and I ventured out after a late breakfast. We were headed to Vikhroli and Powai to get some stuff for our new home (more on that in a later blog) and for weekly grocery replenishments.
It was a bright day, the outdoors were nice, bright and warm. We tanked-up at the fuel station and headed straight on Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road towards Vikhroli.
The best part about driving on a Sunday afternoon are the empty roads. The hassle-free driving ensure that you can really admire small little things, which are usually taken for granted, small little pleasures like the bright blue sky, the golden sun-rays, the green Aarey hills and a lot more.
In no time we entered Powai and crossed the imposing view of the palm fronds and the greens besides Powai Lake against the imposing backdrop of the Aarey Hills and Renaissance Powai.
In the next few moments we touched the IIT campus. A Ford Fiesta ahead of us slowed and pulled over to the side. The driver, a middle-aged, middle class woman, got out and made a dash, crossing the road in a haphazard, confused manner, trying to avoid the incoming traffic. We were baffled! "Is she out of her mind?" we thought.
In the next split second, before the next thought could flash my mind, she hit a biker who was easily above a speed of 50 kilometers per hour.
The lady was knocked down. The biker was thrown off. He took two somersaults while his bike skidded and crashed into the divider.
As all this happened, roadside vendors rushed into help. We too stopped and got off. But the other vehicles slowed down, had a good look and moved on, insensitively, as though this were some kind of an amusement.
Both the lady and the biker were okay except for some minor bruises here and there, though they were a lot shocked. We had a brief chat with them. Realising that the two were okay, we too moved on.
For the rest of drive, we both were quiet. The only thought that was crossing my mind all along was "How fragile life is?.... There is no other way than being safe.... Help cannot always be taken for granted.... So be safe!!!!"

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