Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Goodness of Eggs!

If there's one thing that's both fulfilling and satisfying, and yet healthy, wholesome and nourishing, it's the humble egg.
You can have it raw, half-boiled, hard boiled, fried or made into an omelette, the possibilities are many. All the yummy goodness, the richness of the humble egg makes for a hearty meal, or perhaps a dessert like a caramel custard or a hearty egg-nog for a cold rainy night.
Eggs for me have always been special - right from when I was a toddler and Papa fed me half-boiled eggs - chanda mama aur badal - I was told the yolk was like the full moon hiding behind the cloud like egg-white and I used to happy believe the story. 
And I utterly adore Mom's runny tomato omelettes and also those rare spicy bhurjis - spicy scrambled eggs - that come out of the kitchen on rare occasions when Papa transforms into a cook with a surgical precision!
For the cook, the possibilities of innovating with eggs are endless as I discovered today.
We made a prawn and spinach omelette - diced prawns were sauteed with onions. When the prawns turned transparent, in went blanched spinach.

That was followed was beaten eggs and herbs and loads of coarsely crushed pepper for an spicy crunchiness.
Prawns, spinach and eggs - the taste of the sea, the goodness of spinach and the richness of eggs - all in one amazing preparation! After a spinach pizza and a spinach omelette, Popeye would totally adore me now!
As one advertisement used to say - Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khayen andey!

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