Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Taste of the Sea at Sadichha

Today, we went the traditional way and headed out to Bandra's leafy and quaint Kala Nagar locality which is home to a Maharashtrian and Konkani community. Sadichha, an unpretentious, hole in the wall eatery, was our  pit stop.
Sadichha is located on a lane behind its more famous cousin, Highway Gomantak, but its offerings are pretty decent and taste very fresh.

We started the bing with a glass of sol kadi - a concoction of coconut milk and kokum! That built up quite an appetite!

As we waited for the meal to arrive, I enjoyed the quips, quotes and tips that they had displayed. Some of them were so true!

That was the chicken thali with some extra gravy!

And the surmai thali, made from the freshest king fish available!

Now that's a plate of bombil fry or Bombay Duck fried in semolina batter. It was simply the "melt in the mouth" kind of variety.... And if you thought it was a duck, my friend, it was a fish, a species called harpadon nehereus native to these waters. Notorius for being extremely stinky when fresh, it remains a hot favourite for sea-food lovers!

And then came the stuffed pomfret - the filling was made of shrimp, coconut, onions and a spicy masala!

We were served by a gregarious waiter who had a very strong resemblance to our deceased driver, Santosh! As we ended the meal, I prayed for the peace of his soul and well-being of his loved ones!

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ankit said...

Nice review and Pics are awesome
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