Saturday, November 9, 2013

From Mehrauli to St. Andrews, Bandra!

Last year, when we shifted to our new abode, we had some excess stuff that had to be given away. Some stuff was given to our cook and cleaning lady who had served us for quite a few years. Some stuff, like furniture, was donated to an old age home in Andheri East. Our cane sofa set, which my Granny and parents had gifted us way back in January 2004, however had to be sold.
For that, I posted an advertisement on online portals like Quikr as well as on my alumni mail groups.
In a few days, I got a call from a lady who was interested in the sofa and she and her husband came to check out the sofa on the following Saturday. 
They instantly liked the sofa and we agreed on the price. They agreed to pick up the sofa the next week and the deal was done.
I thought it was fitting that the money they paid be donated to the old age home, in the memory of loving granny. Neeti concurred with my idea and so it was....
A couple of months later, Neeti moved jobs and it turned out that the buyer - the husband was in the same organisation as Neeti.
Neeti used to keep telling me how her colleague had a keen interest in theatre.
Yesterday Neeti prodded me to join her to watch her colleague's maiden play as a director - Final Solutions, at St. Andrews Auditorium. Grudgingly, I agreed, as I was being pushed out of my weekend slothfulness....
So we headed to Bandra for the play..... And as we seated ourselves right in front of the stage, Neeti noticed something - "That's our sofa!" she exclaimed excitedly!
Yes, indeed, it was.... What a heartwarming feeling...
The direction of the play was was awesome - the couple were fully involved in the production - the lady herself acted in the play. 
After the play was over, Neeti and I met the couple and commended their performance. "See your sofa is being put to great use!" the lady said.
Yes indeed. Who would have imagined that the sofa that was bought from Mehrauli in Delhi would make its way to Bandra and would be on-stage, in front of hundreds of people watching an awesome theatrical performance!
At that moment, I could imagine, I could almost see my Granny smiling down from Heaven!
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