Friday, November 1, 2013

A Diwali Wish!

Again the festival season has dawned on us. And this is the time for fresh beginnings, a new start, a rejuvenation of the spirit and the soul.
As we begin our preparations for Diwali I am forced to think about myself, my life. In a sense, I am, kind of, drawing up a balance sheet of what my "assets" are and what my "liabilities" are....
And perhaps, it did not come as a revelation to me...
I knew it all along, yet was timid enough to accept it...
It's such a pity, but little wonder, that all I have been chasing, so far, hasn't been what I really want, not today and never in the past. I have perhaps been living a life that isn't mine, I have been doing stuff because I had to, rather than because I wanted to....
I have perhaps never heard my heart's call, instead, heard my mind's call. 
Is that why it's said "We all are f@#ked up with no coordination between heart mind and brain!"
Is that why I lost that spirit, that spunk, that spring in my step?
Perhaps, it's time time to change all that....
This Diwali, I pray to be better "human being" rather than a "human doing" what is dictated..... I pray to dance to my heart's beat, I pray to be myself .... ૐ 
Happy Diwali!

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