Sunday, December 1, 2013

C'est la vie!

Ahhhh Sundays! 
Sundays are when we can really savor our breakfasts, in a relaxed way, letting the flavour of each morsel seep down the tastebuds, instead of worrying about the traffic on the way to work.
Trust me, the relaxed atmosphere makes us think of newer ideas for breakfast and certainly these Sunday breakfasts taste a lot more better and healthier. 

This breakfast of a few weeks back was awesome. This plate has a very healthy grilled sandwich with a topping of blanched spinach, cherry tomatoes, tangy pickled green tomatoes (we made this pickle at home!) and basil. Pan-roasted potato wedges and sauteed mushrooms with oyster and Worchestershire sauce make for perfect accompaniments to our open sandwich!

Recently, on another Sunday, we gave our breakfast another interesting twist. Fresh spinach was blanched and squeezed to take out excess moisture. The blanched spinach alongwith fresh mushrooms was stir fried in olive oil, garlic and sesame seeds! We had this with a fried egg and crispy toast. We could taste the goodness of life, of nature, in each morsel!
C'est la vie!

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