Sunday, December 1, 2013

Goodness In Every Slurp!

Sometime back I got infected by the goddamned Dengue virus, and things took a healthier turn. Tea was junked for green tea, salad and fruit consumption was consciously increased and oatmeal became the standard fare for breakfasts.
This was also a great opportunity to try something new. So came about delicious and healthy soups, which are very easy to make. 

The one above is a green pea and broccoli soup. The peas and broccoli was lightly boiled with chicken stock and peppercorns and pureed. The puree was heated with a few basil leaves and had with loads of crushed pepper. It was awesome!

The next one was equally awesome - pumpkin carrot soup! Diced pumpkins and carrots were boiled with ginger, peppercorns and chicken stock. After the carrots and pumpkins went soft, the whole thing was pureed and had with loads of pepper.
In both the soups, we did not add a single pinch of salt, yet both of them were absolutely delicious and filling, a great alternative to snacking away! That's why we said to ourselves that there was loads of goodness and health in every slurp! ;) 

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