Saturday, February 22, 2014

Culinary Delights Up North!

In December last year, Neeti and I travelled to Delhi and there we got a chance to partake some very interesting food.
My parents who had just returned from China brought along with them a big jar of a Chinese namkeen - peanuts and fiery hot Sichuan peppers stuffed with sesame seeds. While everyone found the stuff, I enjoyed every little bite of it. The peppers were crisp and hot, and the sesame and peanuts gave it an interesting crunch! Luckily I got to carry some of this back to Mumbai with me.

Yum isn't it?

Now this was interesting!
My Mom made some pan fried spinach fritters for lunch, alongwith grilled tomatoes!

We picked up a pack of fresh pesto sauce from the gourmet food store next door and tossed some very fresh mushrooms in it and cooked them for 5 minutes...
They were yum....

The next, at Neeti's place, was grilled pesto mushroom open sandwich with gooey cheese - we had these for tea!!!
A yummy treat!

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