Friday, April 18, 2014

7 Days Off A Week...

A little over 2 years back, I got a real shock when my Dad told me he was hanging up his boots. It was a double shock - a few days later, my Mom also announced her decision to retire.
Both of them were well past their retirement age for years already, and they had never shown signs of "slowing down". What kept them going was a distinct inner-energy and will power. 
But their sudden and abrupt decision made me realise that they had indeed aged, and that I wasn't a kid anymore, a realisation which is hard and that takes time to sink in.....

Just around that time, I cam across this amazing YouTube video of a Thai Airways commander's retirement and send-off... A profound message was communicated "You are not retired yet, just have 7 days off a week, congratulations!"
That made me realise that they still have a lot to keep themselves bury, things they loved to do - read, write, cook, roam the world and what not...
I wish them luck and pray that God gives them energy to pursue their passions that they could not while they were on their professional pursuits. All the best and enjoy the 7 days off a week!

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