Saturday, April 12, 2014

Up In The Air .... Part 18

Clouds have always fascinated me, right from when I was a kid. Those giant cotton balls in the sky against a landscape of the rolling savanna grasslands in Zambia fascinated me no end. But I was in for a major disappointment when we shifted back to India. In the North, clouds were pretty anaemic and weak, not like the mighty, lofty giants in the deep blue skies above the green savanna....
But then shifting to Mumbai a decade ago made up for the disappointment.... the mighty clouds were here to see, bringing back memories from my childhood...
But then the perspective from Up In The Air is indeed quite different, but still quite beautiful.
On the way back from Chennai last week, I encountered some amazingly beautiful sights from Up In The Air! These were probably the best sights I encountered from a height of 38,000 feet! These are the sights that made heart go mmmmmmm!

The earlier editions of Up In The Air can be accessed here on this hyperlink - Up In The Air series!

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