Friday, January 21, 2011

The Return of the Natives!!!! Part 2

Continuing on, from The Return of the Natives!!!!
We go alongwith Neelima's journey through my land, Uganda. The Natives returned (metaphorically) and they saw, eyes moistened, with emotion!

The Coat of Arms of Makerere University! The splendid crested crane stands for everything that is Ugandan, to me!
Makerere University was where Mom taught for a good number of years

The magnificent, colonial, administrative block of the Makerere University. That's where, I, as a four year old posed with Neelima, then a year old, for a smart photograph in 1981!

Makerere University's Faculty of Sciences, where Mom taught!!!!

Quarry House in the Makerere University campus. We called this place home!

The entrance to Quarry House!!!!

B 8, Quarry House, our home! So many memories, so little space to pen them down!

The balcony, where we all posed for photographs, with baby Neelima and Mom, when I animated the flight of plane. And again with friends, Sheba and Herbert, with me holding up a sketch of a plane. I remember running to the balcony when Papa used return back in his blue Fiat 127!
But some people move out, some move in, like this family, who graciously allowed Neelima to come in and click photographs!
That's where I used to play with other toddlers in the campus!

The Quarry House staircase. That's where I gallantly rode my tricycle down with a stunning result - I busted my forehead. Papa heroically rushed me to Mulago Hospital to stitch up my forehead. Bawling my guts out, I was pinned down by Mom, as Papa continued on with the task at hand!!!!

That gallant feat gave me the characteristic scar that I will have for the rest of my life. They say, everything happens for a reason! The scar will remind me of my home, forever!

Mulago Hospital, Papa's karambhoomi!

The hospital shot into the news internationally, when Dora Bloch, one of the hostages in the Air France Flight 139 hijack, was kidnapped from Mulago Hospital and murdered later.
Thank God, Papa wasn't on duty then!!!!
Mulago Hospital - Papa must have walked around here in his smart, white, doctor's coat, 30 years back!

1 comment:

Neelima said...

Felt strange going back here alone. Kept thinking that it would have been so much nicer if we had all come to see our old house. It was very emotional in a strange sort of way because I have no memories of this house - just recall it from photographs. And I flipped when I saw our dressing table. It's a strange feeling - it's the same place, same trappings but the people have changed.
BTW the Quarry House main entrance from outside is not the one that leads up to our house. Our home's entrance is further on and in other pictures. It doesn't have that unpainted cement repairwork. It has a campaign poster that someone has stuck to the entrance.

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