Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How Weird Can Our Planners Get?

A few months back, we in Bombay's commercial business district of Bandra Kurla Complex, saw that the sides of the roads were being cordoned off. We were told that these were to be cycle tracks. The photograph alongside shows the tracks in green.
Great idea in general! A greener way of transportation.
But then the next question is how many people come to Bandra Kurla Complex on bicycles? Are habitations close by that riding a bicycle to the this business hub would be a fruitful proposition?
Having worked in Bandra Kurla Complex for over 5 years now, I am convinced that the answer is a big NO.
In these 5 years in Bandra Kurla Complex, I have hardly seen any one come to work on bicycle.
Now the question is how did this project get approved? Was any study or survey to support this investment? Did anyone stand to benefit from this wasteful investment?
This kind of faulty planning ails the metros of India today.
It could not get weirder than this....


Unknown said...

Absolutely! Just another case of blindly imitating a guideline. But all is not lost. If the planners can come up with some more imaginative alterations, this project might be worthwhile. For a start, maybe the planners can address the question of why people cannot bike to this place. The roots of this problem lie in an archaic single-use zoning approach that destroys city fabric. As you rightly say, this is the problem of most development strategies in our cities...

lee said...

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