Thursday, April 12, 2012

Be Enthusiastic, Be Alive!

"A person with enthusiasm is a powerful person. There is nothing as powerful as enthusiasm; nothing is impossible to an enthusiastic person" - Sanskrit Subhashita
I came across this interesting quotation on Facebook and think it has to be shared with all on Rajeev's World.
Enthusiasm perhaps gives the energy to move on despite the odds, it fuels the ambition, the mind and the soul.
Undoubtedly, enthusiasm is infectious. Living around enthusiastic people rubs off on you.
One person whom I can very well associate with infectious enthusiasm is Neeti. When I get out of bed grumpy, as the good rest comes to an end, Neeti wakes up with a beatific smile! Surely, that gives me some energy to start the day! Perhaps, enthusiasm is life itself!
I must say, "Be enthusiastic, be alive!"

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