Saturday, April 28, 2012

Up In The Air .... Part 6

Up In The Air is back with its sixth part. This part covers the approach to Mumbai, CSI Airport's Runway 14/32. The approach begins over the Madh Island and Gorai, and passes over Versova, Seven Bungalows, Lokhandwala, Juhu Circle to touch down over the Western Express Highway on to 14/32.
The runway 14/32 is not preferred by pilots because its shorter - just 2,925 metres as against the main runway, 09/27, which has a length of 3,445 metres. 14/32 lacks a parallel taxiway, slowing operations. Further, the Trombay hill lies straight on the path, if one chooses to take off from 14/32. Little wonder that airlines like Singapore Airlines avoids this runway like crazy.
On this occasion, I was returning to Mumbai from Jaipur in a Jet Airways Boeing 737. Mumbai, though quite chaotic is disorderly on the ground, looks quite from up above - peaceful and orderly!

Overflying Gorai Creek!

And that's Versova!

All so familiar Seven Bungalows!

Just flew over Juhu Circle!
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