Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gourmet Sunday Breakfasts!

Sunday is here again, and its time for another great breakfast, probably the best and the most enjoyable breakfasts of the entire week.
Neeti and I absolutely love this kind of stuff, baked beans with eggs and toast. But recently, we have given all this an interesting twist a few weeks back. Read on...

Mushrooms and olives stuffed with pimiento being sautéed in a few drops of extra virgin olive oil. The concoction has been sprinkled with oregano, pepper and herbs...

Baked beans cooked with mushrooms, olives and jalapeno peppers!

Finally on the plate, with eggs sunny-side up and toast!

That was about two weeks back! Today we give these concoctions a healthier twist, by including vegetables - broccoli, bell-peppers and capsicum.

Baked beans alongwith veggies and olives!

Sautéed vegeteables with mushrooms, olives and herbs. Today, we added diced onions at the very beginning in a few drops of extra virgin olive oil. Then the other veggies were added...

That's my cheese omelette with onions, coriander and mint, and yes lots of pepper!

It all looks yummy on the plate, alongwith grilled tomatoes. I could have added pâté de foié to this serving, but I am watching my diet! Can't wait to dig in!

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