Saturday, June 30, 2012

You Can't Make The Rainbow If There's No Rain

I was feeling quite low yesterday after a rough week. My blues continued out into today, well through the morning and I had little energy to do anything. 
Then I logged on to the internet, obviously to check out some aviation videos on YouTube, something that gives me immense peace and satisfaction. 
That's when I came across a video that showed a very spirited elderly Russian on board a Delta Airlines flight from Moscow to New York entertaining stewardesses with his song and music. The old man's face was wrinkled and it seemed to have a long story to tell. 
Yes, I takes a lot to be as spirited like that, despite all of one's troubles.


Then we decided to step out for a drive. We drove down to an Eastern suburb to check out a recently opened cafe and after the food had its therapeutic effect we took the long road back home.
As we passed by CST Road at Santa Cruz, a lovely big rainbow showed up, the first I had seen after 2005 at Le Morne, Mauritius. 
Such is the beauty of Nature!
Maybe that was God's way of saying, "Chill! There is a rainbow that comes after every dark cloud!"

Then I came across a lovely tweet by @ItsLifeNotes which said "You can't make the rainbow if there's no rain."
Perhaps, I still have to make my own rainbow!

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