Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We Feel Lucky!

No matter what is said about earthly possessions, there really are those things that mean a lot to you for various reasons, mostly sentimental. Loss of these things can be really hurtful, as Neeti and I figured out over the last few days.
Neeti had a very cute and pretty bracelet which was gifted to her by folks when we tied the knot. She really loved it a lot, she rarely moved out of home without it. But the other day, while on an official training trip out of Mumbai, while doing a jungle trek, it fell off and was nowhere to be found, despite the effort she had put to search for it. She was crestfallen when she reached home.
I too had a similar scare. Yesterday morning, while getting ready for work, I could not find my watch - the same old smart watch that Neeti had gifted me for our wedding. I remember that Sunday afternoon when Neeti had dragged me to Delhi's Sarojini Nagar Market to prod me to buy something! And Neeti took an instant liking to this watch that I also had liked. This watch has been with me ever since, for daily use, telling me the time, but also reminding me of that exciting courtship period.
I was shocked. I thought I had dropped it on my desk in office, or dropped it while returning back home. There was some hope that I might recover it on my desk. I kept the hope alive till I reached office, but I was disappointed. The watch wasn't on my desk! Was it picked up by the outsourced janitors or the utility people? These thoughts were running in my mind as I looked at everyone suspiciously.
I messaged Neeti that I had lost it. I too was crestfallen. Devoid of energy, I somehow pulled myself through the day till I returned home.
As I settled back in, I saw something shiny under the blanket. (I sure did chide myself for the immature thought of suspecting others of picking up my watch.)
My God! That was my watch! We were somewhat lucky to get it back. But the bracelet is still lost....
Despite the loss of something sentimental, I still feel we are lucky to have the love, togetherness and blessings of the family...

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