Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Delectable Afternoon In "Town"

That was an afternoon well spent in "town" - that's what Mumbaikars call South Mumbai. We kicked off the afternoon at Ballard Estate, with a delectable lunch at Britannia & Co. I have taken the liberty of reproducing some of the photos from my Dad's blog on Britannia - No Love Greater Than The Love Of Eating!

Ahhh! Britannia's rooster!

Yes, the raspberry does go well with the Irani meal!

What a magnificent Banyan!

Oh! They have the Gaz  too! That's the Persian version of nougat!

Weathered, but still not out! That's the magic of Britannia!

Just could not take my eyes off the Banyan!

It was already 2.30PM and there were at least 30 very hungry people waiting to hog on their Berry Pulaos!

An alley by the side - surely it had seen better days!

No Love Greater Than The Love Of Eating!

That's my plateful! 

Britannia's list of awards seems endless!

The Banyan again, in the golden afternoon sun!

A violation - parked right under the no parking sign! Right at the Customs House

The glory of the past!

Ballard Estate is seeped in heritage!

Another regal banyan!

The view across the Maidan!

Rajabai Tower! The heritage makes me love Town even more!

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