Saturday, October 19, 2013

Yeh Dil Mangii More!

After Breaking Bread at Le Pain Quotidien, it was time to experience some more gourmet delights with
This time we chose Cafe Mangii at Powai, closer to home. And we rushed there with with a lot of expectations of a delightful and hearty meal.
At Cafe Mangii, we were ushered in by a courteous and pleasant waiter - the basic courtesies undoubtedly add to the culinary experience - I would give Cafe Mangii full marks on this count.

The three course menu! 

An interesting bottle that has both olive oil and vinegar!

We chose the goat cheese gnocchi and the Mediterranean pizza. To save time, we requested the waiter to serve us the two courses together, and he graciously obliged!
It seems the Chef was having a bad day, the gnocchi was overcooked and it disintegrated at the touch of the fork. The ingredients were indeed awesome - the pesto was earthy and the pine nuts crunchy!

The Mediterranean pizza was crisp and crunchy - the crust was awesome but the was a strange taste in the sauce, it certainly didn't taste right! And that was a tad disappointing....

I was looking for a delectable and sinful dessert. Neeti and I zeroed on the red velvet cake, but that too was a bit soggy!
I wondered whether it was a matter of chance, that one in a million kind of an event that we weren't too satisfied with this GourmetItUp experience or was Cafe Mangii really not up to it....? But to be fair, I would give full marks to the helpful staff there!
Anyways, I came out feeling Yeh Dil Mangii More.... after all Mangii could be a lot more better!

As we stepped out of Cafe Mangii, I could help but notice the middle aged couple that moved out of FabIndia, the lady had done a massive shopping, but it was her husband who was carrying the bags for her. People may make fun of that, but perhaps, it is an expression of true love!

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