Sunday, May 18, 2014

Unscrambling Scrabble!

After a long time, we played Scrabble today.... And almost in an instant I was transported back to my school days. Me and my sister would look forward to getting home, having lunch fast and getting on to a game of Scrabble with Papa and our neighbours downstairs....

What fun it used to be.... The endless controversies over which words were acceptable and which weren't. And then we had to resort to our good old dictionary as a referee....the scramble to get to the triple word and double word score blocks and then the endless debates over whether the multiplier blocks could be reused and the agonising wait to get rid of the X's, the Q's and the Z's.
And then the endless double-scorers that my sister used to make, which invariably made her win.... She was "crowned" as the "Maradona of Scrabble" by all of us!
And as we got busier with studies, life drifted away from Scrabble.... But then when Neeti and I got back to it, I realised that life was so much like Scrabble... You just need to unscramble it!

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