Friday, January 27, 2017

おはようございます 銀座 - Good Morning Ginza

Getting in to Tokyo late last night, or early this morning, whichever way you call it, we checked into our hotel in Ginza.
Ginza, as we had heard is a popular and vibrant district and literally means "silver mint", the name coming from an Edo-era a silver-coin mint that was established there in 1612.
A devastating fire in 1872 burned down most of Ginza, and after that the Meiji government designated the Ginza area as a "model of modernization." The government planned the construction of fireproof brick buildings with wider, better streets. Designs for the area were made by an Irish architect Thomas Waters. In the following years, quite a few western style buildings came up in the area. But today only a few of those buildings survive, hidden by a camouflage of glass, steel, concrete and glitzy neon.

Breakfast for us was natto, scrambled eggs, potato wedges, grilled mackerel, greens and miso soup. Man, I love the simplicity of Japanese food!

Options for breakfast...

Stepping into Takaracho Station, to explore Tokyo city...

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