Sunday, June 21, 2009


A lazy Sunday afternoon. Dark Monsoon clouds have come into the city. As I look, out of my window, at the dark clouds float in the sky, blocking the bright sunshine, I think of the past few years, the good and the not-so-good experiences, the sunny days and the rainy days.... and I come up with quite a few simple, yet unanswered questions....

We begin our lives with an eternal optimism, hope and excitement. Why do we lose it on the way?

We know what we want. But why do we let cynicism take over? Why do we let ourselves get anchored to the past? Why do we merely extrapolate the past?

We look to the future with hope. We hope for a bright future. But then why do we lose the present? Why do we lose the moment we live in? Why can't we approach each day as if it were to be the best day of our lives?

We meet people who pain us all the time. Yet, why do we waste time thinking of these people and forget the people who love us?

We love people. We want to be loved. Yet, why do we make the people who love us bang their heads when they try to "course-correct" us?

We look for big joys in life. But then why do we ignore the small joys that each day brings us, which are the building-blocks of the bigger joys that we look forward to?

We desire great careers, successful jobs and professional success. But do we ever think of remembering those who made us reach where we are today? Do we ever think of giving back to our "support-system" that breathes life into us?


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