Monday, June 1, 2009

"You Complete Me!!!"

A few days back, I received this interesting or rather somewhat funny message from Neeti, which said:

Need cheering up?
Watch your wedding video backwards.
You'll love the bit where you the take the ring of, garland off, walk
backwards, jump back in the car and drive home.....

Interesting, but untrue for me at least.

There surely are moments in relationships that majorly test the patience, but nothing beats the joy of being together. I totally agree with what someone once said - Marriage is the only war where both sides go to the bed together!!!

A spouse is really there to complete you – remember the scene from the 1996 Oscar winning movie, Jerry Macguire, where Tom Cruise and Renée Zellweger join a deaf and dumb couple in an elevator. They deaf and dumb boy says "You complete me" to the girl in sign language!

While the wars do go on, while the egos do takeover sometime, only Neeti can bring true cheer to me.... "You Complete Me!!!"

1 comment:

HappyHands said...

Deaf and DUMB? It's just Deaf... he was obviously intelligent enough to craft such a touching phrase...
---quite an insulting term nowadays, FYI---

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