Thursday, April 8, 2010

Alexander the Great - The Three Last Wishes......

On my commute to office today, I had 107.1 FM Rainbow on in my car and the RJ was playing wonderful 80s' music, with lovely anecdotes as fillers.
And then she narrated an interesting tale on Alexander the Great's three last wishes.
As Alexander the Great lay on his death bed in Babylon after conquering half the known earth of his times, he summoned his top generals and spelt out his final wishes, that they would need to fulfill.
He said that his first wish was that his body be carried by his physicians for his burial. The second wish was that all the gold, silver, and treasures from my treasure-house be scattered along the path to to his grave. The third wish was that he be buried with his hands outstretched and out of his coffin.
The generals who truly admired him and loved him as a great leader were dumbfounded and in tears.
One general mustered all his courage and said that they would indeed fulfill is wishes but wanted to know why Alexander wanted it that way.
The mighty Alexander replied that he wanted everyone to understand the three lessons he had learned in his lifetime.
He went to say "To let my physician carry my coffin alone is to let people realize that a physician cannot really cure people’s illness. And they are powerless when they face death. So I hope people will learn to make most of their lives."
"My second wish is to tell people not to be like me in pursuing wealth. I spent my whole life pursuing wealth, but I was wasting my time most of the time."
"My third wish to let people understand that I came to this world in empty hands and I will leave this world with empty hands.”
Soon after he said all this, he closed his eyes and died.
Alexander the Great learnt his lesson. Have we?

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