Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sania - Shoaib -- Alliance or Dalliance?

I heard a joke this week about the Shoaib - Sania alliance.
It went this way - the Indian Premier League rejected 11 Pakistanis, but Sania Mirza rejected 500 million Indian males.
Funny indeed.
Going beyond jokes, I feel this is a rather odd alliance.
Sania could have gone places had she not stepped into a medieval society like that of Pakistan. Wonder what the clergy would say about her volleying around in her short skirts. Or wouldn't the Taliban hound her.
Neo-liberalists may hate to say it, but Pakistan is indeed an enemy state. The Government has indicated that time and again. Indians feel that way, especially after each attack. Doesn't Sania feel that way?
Perhaps for her the realities are yet to sink in. As of now, everything is so rosy that she's blinded by it.
Only time will tell whether this is an alliance or a dalliance.

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