Monday, April 5, 2010

The Maoist Challenge - Are we a Banana Republic in the making?

I heard of the terrible massacre at Dantewada. 75 CRPF personnel have been butchered by the Maoists.
It's sad the way things have happened.
I am pretty sure, we'll soon have endless debates on televisions. Root-cause theorists would be shouting hoarse and pleading for the Maoists to be heard.
Yes, indeed, the root cause has to be looked into.
Why do the forces fail? Are the forces equipped? Why does our intelligence collapse everytime? What makes the government administration and infrastructure collapse?
These are the root causes of these fiascoes.
Come to think of it - all this happens in the richest parts of India. There is so much mineral wealth in those regions. So much agricultural potential.
But the potential has been barely exploited. Why?
I know of several critical infrastructure projects going slow there just because the Maoists want money.

Doesn't that explain why these areas are the most impoverished?

And they claim to stand for development, right?
The Maoists are challenging our democracy, the Indian way of life, the Indian freedom of expression and enterprise. But Mr. Shivraj Patil of UPA-I was caught napping.
The government now needs to crackdown on them with a heavy hand, whatever be the cost. The opposition should co-operate with Mr. Chidambaram in tackling this menace.
If don't act now, we'll end up like one of those Latin American Banana republics.

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