Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Can the Leaks be Plugged?

Julian Assange has finally been arrested!
And the way Assange made power centers in the West tremble has broken quite a few myths.
The West has always claimed to champion the rights of people as a free society. The way the West responded to Assange's exposes on Wikileaks prove that the West is no better or no worse than say, a Chinese or Myanmarese government that would jail a dissident.
The West claims to have laws on detention and custody. But the way in which, or rather the "excuses" given before Assange was arrested simply show that the West only pays lip service to the values it extols.
I am not trying to suggest that Assange is a saint. Why could Wikileaks not expose the supposed power struggles in China, the transition in North Korea, the Russian "musical chairs" style of governance or nexus of the United States lobbies and the military industrial complex?
It appears Wikileaks was selective in its approach to leaks.
Frankly, the diplomatic cable leaks were no big deal. Any astute political observer would have always known what happens behind the scenes in diplomatic circles. The leaks were no grand surprise.
But Wikileaks so far never had anything on India, except for a copy of the very unsexy agreement that Kingfisher Airlines signed with Airbus SAS for acquisition of various Airbus aircraft. I am still waiting for a grand leak on Indian politicians, their scandalous affairs and their Swiss bank accounts!!!

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