Monday, December 20, 2010

Frugality for Sustenance - The Way To Go

The other night, Travel & Living was showing a programme on the culinary traditions of Korea.
The programme featured an interesting insight into the Buddhist and Tao monasteries of Korea.
Meal for the monks is frugal - sufficient to keep them going but not too much to prevent any discomfort so that their meditation can go on.
To ensure that the monks are reminded of their responsibility, they use only four bowls for their meal. They begin their meal with a bowl of soup, which is followed by a few spoons of boiled rice in the second bowl and vegetables in the third. Water to aid digestion is in the fourth bowl.
The monks are supposed to ensure that every grain of food in the bowls is consumed and not wasted away.
Frugality is of essence - they eat just enough for nourishment and sustenance and not for pleasure.
As an epicure, I find it difficult to practice what the Korean monks do. But surely, for say 5 out of the seven days of the week, it does make sense to follow the dietary habits of the Korean monks, in the name of a healthy lifestyle.

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