Friday, November 16, 2012

Plane Spotting at BOM

As we pushed back from Gate A2 from Terminal 2C from Mumbai's CSI Airport for a 0620AM departure, sunrays filled in the skies. What a wonderful morning, that was in mid-October!

After towing my Boeing 737-800, the pushback tractor makes its way back.

A Kingfisher Airbus A320 idles away at the end of a taxiway. What a sad state of affairs.... When they flew, they did scare the hell out of Jet Airways. I hope they do fly again....

An Air-India Boeing 777 long range aircraft parked, probably after a long journey overnight.

A view of the new, under-construction integrated terminal. Looks impressive, but pales in size compared to Delhi's T3!

A FedEx, Federal Express Boeing 777 freighter parked by the side of the new terminal....

An El Al Boeing 767 that flew in from Tel Aviv-Yaffo sometime back. 

An interesting line up of airliners at Terminal 2B against the morning mist!

Wow! A Kenya Airways Boeing 767! Splendid colours, truly the Pride of Africa!

Two Saudi Arabian jetliners - a Boeing 777 and Boeing 747-400! A nice view just before we veered onto Runway 9-27 for take-off!

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