Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Probably, That's What Love Is!

Often in life, one gets so used to something that one fails to value the true essence of it on a daily basis.
Dare I say, that holds true for relationships as well.
For Neeti and me, having a cup of tea together is a special occasion - those 15 minutes are priceless moments of togetherness, in a, normally, feverishly fast paced day.
A few weeks back, Neeti had traveled out of the city for work for two days. That evening after dinner, as is usually the practice! I coolly put two cups on the boil.
Oh! Then it dawned on me - Neeti was a good 100 kilometers away in Dahanu!
Man! What a pain to have that cup all alone! At that moment, I missed Neeti's company a lot.
Off late, I have been traveling down South very frequently for a minimum of two days on each trip. This time  around, after getting dressed to leave, I wore an old watch and left for the airport.
On the flight to Trichy that day, sitting on the window seat, admiring the beauty of the azure skies peppered with clouds that looked like cottonballs, I thinking of tough day that lay ahead.
To plan the rest of the day and fix my coordinates on the timeline, I checked out the time on my watch.
This was the same old watch that Neeti had gifted me at the end of our honeymoon, over 7 years back.
I felt happy, a warm feeling filled me up and I instantly forgot the worries of the day! I did feel Neeti was right beside me, though she was, at that moment, a thousand miles away, in Mumbai!
Probably, that's what love is!

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